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Amit Kumar

I consulted Dr. Ravikeerthy (MD internal medicine/general physician). After 3 years of my stay in Bangalore I can vouch that he is probably among the best. Very call, listen to your issues in details


My mother was hospitalised on 22nd August. Staff and doctors are excellent. Though it's a new facility everything went in smoothly. And the staff go out of their way to make you comfortable.

Senthil Kumar

My wife had under gone a surgery on 8th Sep under Dr. Chandramouli MS and Dr. Roopesh. Both of them are humble and more knowledgeable about the treatment and the surgery.Post operation doctors took so


My father Nagaraj had gone under gal bladder surgery under Dr. Chandramouli MS. A Very nice gentle man with good experience and mainly the knowledge provided about the surgery. Very good infrastructur


I had consulted Dr krishna for vitamin deficiency,he is very good ,and I visited first time kauvery hospital I am very happy with the staffs and front office team. Thanks to Kauvery hospital. Good to

Amit Kumar

I had consulted Dr krishna for vitamin deficiency,he is very good ,and I visited first time kauvery hospital I am very happy with the staffs and front office team. Thanks to Kauvery hospital. Good to

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01 Sep 2020


The ENT department in Kauvery Hospitalare dedicated to the ear, nose, throat, neck, and head. It is established to provide the best possible care t

01 Sep 2020

Breast Cancer: Risk Factors and Symptoms

Just like all other types of cancers, breast cancer also comprises of some unusual cells that tend to grow out of control. Those cells also tend to

27, August 2020

We are facing one of the worst healthcare crisis in the last 100 years. Like all other industries, healthcare also was very severely....

27, August 2020

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography(ERCP) is used to primarily diagnose conditions of bile duct and main pancreatic duct including stones....

27, August 2020

Plastic surgery is a form of surgery aimed at improving function, form or aesthetics of a particular part of the body.

27, August 2020

At Kauvery Hospital, we're proud to have launched project #Magizhchi where we have liaised with budding artists in Chennai to install paintings across our hospital.

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