Treatments & Procedures

The department provides a number of advanced medical procedures to regularly check the fetal development and the mother’s health. In case of abnormalities, our team will develop a treatment plan with utmost urgency to help the babies and their mothers.

Prenatal diagnosis test to check whether there are any chromosomal abnormalities, genetic conditions, or other infections in the fetus by taking a sample of the amniotic fluid containing the fetal tissue.

Another diagnosis test used to determine whether there are any chromosomal or genetic abnormalities in the fetus.

A quad screen test is a diagnostic test to see if the baby is developing any birth defects. The blood sample is taken in the second trimester for this procedure.

Fetal blood transfusions are done when the fetus is found to be suffering from fetal anemia, a condition where the red blood count in the fetus is abnormally low.

Cordocentesis or Percutaneous Umbilical Cord Blood Sampling is a prenatal diagnostic procedure carried out to test whether the baby has any genetic conditions or infections. The procedure uses ultra sound scanning to locate the umbilical cord to take the blood sample from.

Fetal Doppler scan allows the doctors to ensure that the blood circulates without abnormalities in the fetus. Through this test, expecting mothers can hear the baby’s heartbeat as well.

An advanced scanning procedure to detect potential birth defects of the fetus by providing 3D/4D imagery.

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