ENT and Head & Neck surgery

ENT and Head & Neck surgery

Our ENT specialists perform advanced procedures such as Cochlear implantations, paediatric surgery, hearing loss management and speech therapy.

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The department of ENT and Head & Neck surgery treats and manages disorders related to the ear, neck, throat, and head through both surgical and medical interventions. The department is well equipped with the right team of seasoned clinicians and paramedics who screen, diagnose and treat to provide care to our patients.


Cochlear Implants

Common cold and cough

Hearing Disorders


Dizziness and Vertigo


Surgery for paralysed cord

Phono microsurgery

Micro laryngeal surgery

Airway foreign body removal

Airway reconstruction for laryngo-tracheal stenosis

Smell and Taste disorders


Tonsils and Adenoids

Endoscopic CSF rhinorrhea closure

angiofibroma excision

transsphenoidal surgeries

Micro ear surgery for discharging ear


Mastiod Surgeries

Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) Surgeries


Surgeries to change Pitch of voice

Mr. Jenifer Jones
Mr. Jenifer Jones

The operation went off really very well and in about 6 hours operation I was out of my ventilator in about 7 and a half eight hours I was breathing on my own and the next morning I started walking as well.
Beating Heart Surgery.

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