Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

The team applies a holistic approach to treat and manage both pre-diabetic and diabetic disorders through advanced technology backed screening and management programs like:

The field of Internal medicine specializes in the care and treatment of health problems and disorders across all ages. They help in the diagnosis, screening and confirmation, and treatment of health problems through medication. If needed, for certain cases, they refer to super specialties for an additional option to ensure.

At Kauvery Hospital, we have highly skilled and experienced consultant physicians who can diagnose various disorders. The team is aptly supported by a dedicated team of physicians, nursing and paramedic staff, and state of the art laboratory, radiology and diagnostics facilities.

Comprehensive OPD

Preventive programs avoiding spreading of infectious diseases

Diabetes control

Vaccination clinic

Preventive Medicine

Infection Control

Mr. Jenifer Jones
Mr. Jenifer Jones

The operation went off really very well and in about 6 hours operation I was out of my ventilator in about 7 and a half eight hours I was breathing on my own and the next morning I started walking as well.
Beating Heart Surgery.

We do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind

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