Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgeries

Heart surgeries are a major medical procedure where the surgeon will cut open your chest to access the heart to perform the surgery. But this traditional method can be incredibly intimidating to the patient and their families. But the advancement in medical science and technology has made it so that at Kauvery Hospital,we are now able to offer our patients an alternative that is less riskyand much smoother where you can avoid an open heart surgery—Minimally invasive cardiac surgeries.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery (MICS),Also called a keyhole surgery, is a modern surgical procedure where instead of cutting open your chest, the surgeon will use latest technology and specialized medical equipment to access your heart through small incisions through which surgical tools are inserted to perform the once complicated open heart surgeries. This advanced surgical technique is highly effective while posing minimal risk to the patient, making it preferable over the traditional method.

Why choose minimally invasive cardiac surgery?

  • Minimal risk to the patient since the surgeon doesn’t cut open the chest
  • Smaller incisions mean minimal scarring on the body
  • The patient only has to deal with minimal pain
  • Not much blood loss
  • Considerably reduced chances of bleeding and infection after surgery
  • Quicker healing and faster recovery
  • No need for prolonged hospital/ICU stay
  • Easier to care for and minimal complications after discharge

Why choose Kauvery?

The extremely capable and experienced surgeons at Kauvery Hospital, aided with cutting edge technology and ultramodern equipment are specially trained in performing this complicated procedure with ease and great success, ensuring maximum results and minimal risks to the patient. After the surgery, our team will be available to track the recovery with utmost competence and care, making sure that all the follow up procedures are done properly. From diagnosis to recovery and discharge, our dedicated team of health care workers offer their support to the patient 24/7 in order to make sure that all their needs are met.

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